The Series

Book 1 - Claire Voyant

Claire Voyant has plans when she turns eighteen. She wants to change her name and go off to college, being as normal as possible. But when her grandmother mysteriously dies, Claire learns that her name wasn’t some sort of practical joke but a clue to the magic her future holds. ​Suddenly she is surrounded by ghosts, realizing that her calling, before she even knew it, was to help lost spirits. But one spirit wants to cause trouble for Claire. Until she figures out how to control her gift, he might just take her life. 

ISBN-13: 978-1503271463

ISBN-10: 1503271463



E-book released: 09.21.2014

Print released: 05.05.2015 

Book 2 - Only Human

Expected Eventually.

Book 3 - Destiny Permitting

Expected Shortly After Eventually.